The Incoming team of Agora Moscow consists of four main responsibles:
Margarita, the Incoming Director and leader of the team,
Valeriia, the Invitation Letters Coordinator,
Anya, the Online Assistance Coordinator,
Natascha, the Incoming Content Manager.
They will be your helping hand throughout the preparation phases before Agora as well as during the event.

The purpose of the Incoming team is to make sure that every participant is able to reach the Agora by helping them with the difficulties and questions they might face. To achieve this, the team members are preparing information materials such as Frequently Asked Question section, survival tips, information on how to get to Russia and reach the location of the Agora and many more. They are always ready to answer any general questions regarding the incoming process at

They are also supporting the participants through the whole visa application process and will provide them with detailed instructions on how and where to apply for a visa, which documents are needed and anything else which needs to be taken into account before the inteview. If you have a question concerning your visa application for Agora Moscow, please contact

Good news: you don’t have to struggle on your own finding out where to apply for a Russian visa in your country. Here is our magic map with all the locations where you can do it. Russian embassies and consulates are the yellow tags, and official visa centers are the black ones.

How do I use the map?

Just type your country in the search line of the map and it will offer you all the available locations for your visa application. Click on the most convenient one for you, and the map will show you the contact details of that location: address, official email, phone number, website link, working hours and even a link to useful documents which you will need for your application.

How do I know whether to apply at the Embassy/Consulate or at the visa center?

Our map provides you with all the available locations for your visa application and their contact details. We would recommend first checking the official website of the Russian Embassy in your country : you can find the link in contact details of the location when you click on it. There it is often mentioned whether you can apply directly at the consular section of the Embassy/Consulate or you can only use the visa center services. Sometimes both are possible. The decision where exactly to apply remains to be your own choice but keep in mind that visa centers have additional fees.

What should I do if can’t find an appropriate location on the map or I can’t access its contact details?

Alternatively, you can have a look at the PDF file that will be available very soon. It has the same content as the map: visa application locations and their contact details, just put down in a text form. In case you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via

We are there for you to make your visa application process as easy and smooth as possible and we are more than happy to help you out with it!