AEGEE-Moskva is a Non-Profit Youth Organisation in Moscow and belongs to one of Europe’s biggest volunteer associations – AEGEE-Europe, which has more than 13000 members and 200 locals in 40 countries. Our activities are aimed at strengthening the intercultural dialogue and relations between the youth of Russia and Europe. This year AEGEE-Moskva will organize the first Agora in Moscow and in Russia.

Projects by AEGEE-Moskva

Transsiberian DREAM is our international summer project which is conducted every year since 2009.
For two to three weeks, a group of more than 50 young people is travelling from Moscow to Vladivostok by train, stopping along the way in Kazan, Tyumen, Irkutsk and at Lake Baikal. Throughout the project the participants enjoy excursions and a social program, as well as workshops and presentations on intercultural communication and the history of Russia.
In 2018, the project was awarded the first place in the ranking among more than 50 educational cultural projects of AEGEE, both in terms of organisational quality and participants’ feedback.
This year, AEGEE-Moskva organised a series of activities at the beginning of Europe on Track project route, which was held on March 2–9, 2020 in Moscow.
The goal of training was that the participants would gain knowledge and skills on gender mainstreaming in the communication of organisations.
Include yourself conference was organised as a full-day discussion panel with master-class on russian gesture language and seminars on building the barrier-free environment, inclusive design and creating the workspace for people with disabilities.
The international New Year’s cultural exchange project Russian salad was organised together by AEGEE-Moskva and AEGEE-Saint Petersburg. Participants took prt in multiple workshops on Russian language, history and enjoyed traditional activities, such as ice-skating and ballroom dancing.


Participants of our past projects highly evaluate the quality of organization and overall experience they got:

Zografia Lepoura
participant of Meanwhile in Siberia
“‌Going to Russia for the New Year’s Eve with AEGEE-Moskva was a dream come true and a memory that will stay forever in my mind. This wonderful team got us to know the real Russia, and experience its incredible hospitality! AEGEE-Moskva was ready for us from day 1, helping with the visa process, informing us how to arrive safely, guiding us on every step, keeping the excitement alive and of course, organizing an amazing event for us, that made everyone fall in love with this beautiful country. I am so thankful for this experience and I can’t wait to come again!“ 
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Khurram Shah
participant of Transsiberian DREAM 9
“I was very impressed by the organisation of the event and the professionalism of the organisers. 
From start to finish it was very well organised, we got full support from the organisers all the way from applying for the visa to the end of the event. Even though the event was logistically very complex as it included multiple train journeys and activities in multiple cities across the whole country everything went so smoothly. 
I have full confidence that any future events by AEGEE-Moscow will be organised to a very high standard and I know I would enjoy any future events organised by them.”

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Natascha Jürgens
participant of Meanwhile in Siberia, Transsiberian DREAM 9, 10
“I have attended 5 events of AEGEE-Moskva and every time I was immensely impressed. Never have I seen such a level of organisation and high quality results in any other AEGEE local and no matter if they organise a cultural exchange or a training course, you can expect the full satisfaction of all the participants. This is why I think that they will also master the challenge of organising a conference for hundreds of people with grace and will provide an astonishing experience.” 
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Benjamin Battke
participant of Transsiberian DREAM 9
“I remember Moscow as a huge, interesting and also beautiful city. More beautiful than I expected. Of course we have to expect troubles because of Corona and pricy connections, but I’m sure with AEGEE-Moskva team’s great organisation it will be worth it.” 
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Luca Brni
participant of Meanwhile in Siberia and Transsiberian DREAM 10
“There are many great things I could say about AEGEE-Moskva and its people, one way to sum them up might be this: their level of dedication, precision and positivity is second to none, I wouldn’t have gone to Siberia with them twice in 8 months if I didn’t believe in them.
They managed to make Russia as easy and accessible as possible nowadays!” 

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Jeroen Roseboom
participant of Meanwhile in Siberia vol.2
“In the winter of 2018-2019 I had the pleasure to meet AEGEE-Moskva. Their guidance after the acceptance email left nothing to be desired. I’ve never had to apply for a visa before this trip and they helped me perfectly through all the steps that I had to take. I’ve got many fond memories of the event that I still keep close to my heart.”
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